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All calls should get a new call state if they are currently assigned as children to a parent call. A child or a parent call can be selected using the search option provided for the  Parent or ChildCalls fields. After selecting the call, an internal message that executes a call update to all assigned calls can be sent. These messages are sent after the call is saved and are processed by the converter in the background.

Setting up automatic update of parent or child calls

The automatic update of all currently assigned child calls or the parent call must be customized in the call action page.


For updating the parent call, you must select the InternalMessage option from the UpdateParent drop-down list. To create messages for child calls, you must select the Internal Message option from the UpdateChildren drop-down list.

In both the cases, you must select a template, which should contain all the fields that need to be updated. The fields are added automatically to the XML for each selected call before the message is sent.

Example XSLT template

The following XSLT template updates the child ticket's status and add remarks:

<XSL:STYLESHEET version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="">
<XSL:TEMPLATE match="/">
<CALLS.REMARKS>Updated by message from parent</CALLS.REMARKS>

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