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Application Ports Concept

Distributed business processes or data demands application interfaces between different systems. In case of service management processes, a number of different application interfaces may be used. Cisco ServiceGrid provides prepared Application Ports for SAP TM and BMD TM Atrium CMDB.

Other Application Ports can be provided on demand. Cisco ServiceGrid Application Ports integrate function and data of other applications into the Cisco ServiceGrid workflow. Connections through Application Ports to functions of other Systems are implemented as SOAP requests.

Application Ports - Important Features

  • If other (external) applications provide access to data and/or functions through a SOAP web service, these data and/or functions can be integrated into the Cisco ServiceGrid call detail form.
  • To implement such an integration, a Cisco ServiceGrid internal “user exit” function is used.
  • This function is used to send a SOAP request to an external application web service interface. The resulting data can be presented as additional detail form within the Cisco ServiceGrid call detail form.
  • If data is updated in that form, a second SOAP request can be used to send the changes back to the external application.
  • Using this method, a number of function integrations can be implemented.
  • The implementation of an application port is done by the Cisco ServiceGrid development team as additional “user extit function for the specific customer.
  • A detailed documentation of the web service of the external application has to be provided by the customer, a functional specification will be designed before implementation starts.

Use cases for application ports

Typical use cases for Application Ports are integration of spare parts transactions into the service request workflow or access to CI data managed in another CMDB application.

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