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Cisco ServiceGrid is an integration platform in the cloud that seamlessly connects enterprise IT and service providers to enable automated multiparty service collaboration. This offers customers a secure and flexible way to integrate with everyone in the ecosystem and automate sharing of processes, data, and workflows in real time by eliminating manual practices and bottlenecks and promoting significant operational efficiencies that are scalable and reusable.


The ServiceGrid application consists of:

  • B2B connection functions,
  • workflow and data mapping features, and
  • browser based online functions

for service case tracking and management, data administration, reporting and customizing. Its knowledgebase contains documents describing the application, its usage as well as functions for administrators.

ServiceGrid Overview.jpg

Service Case Transactions are created by the B2B or the Web Interface and run through the ServiceGrid basic process. Data is always stored in the ServiceGrid normalized data format.

Technical Architecture

ServiceGrid is designed as SaaS (Software as a Service), i.e., a Cloud application. The architecture of the ServiceGrid platform is based on six layers.

SG Technical Architecture.jpg

  1. The top layer is dedicated to the customer and provides the usage of the ServiceGrid application including data management and customizing.
  2. The second layer implements the ServiceGrid application itself and consist of all ServiceGrid software components.
  3. The Middleware Layer contains all system components necessary to run the ServiceGrid programs.
  4. The Operating System Layer implements the OS platform and low level utilities.
  5. The Hardware and Network Layer provides the server and network infrastructure.
  6. The Data Center Layer provides the location to operate the infrastructure in a safe environment.


The B2B integration technology of ServiceGrid is based on the principle of double translation and a central data base with data in a normalized (canonical) format.

ServiceGrid Normalized Data.jpg

Service cases can be created or updated:

  • outside ServiceGrid and communicated through the B2B connection into the ServiceGrid, or
  • using the ServiceGrid service case management functions in the ServiceGrid Portal.

In all cases the data is translated into the ServiceGrid normalized (canonical) format. This enables the ServiceGrid to connect and integrate different service processes and different ITSM tools - one to many or many to many.

To build the integration, three elements are taken into consideration:

  • Workflows and their mapping
  • Data and their mapping
  • Transport methods for the data.

Release Notes

Release Notes are issued quarterly, in March, June, September and December. They describe the new functions of the ServiceGrid application.

Additionally they also does the following:

  • outline the new functions and modules,
  • give a brief look into how the new functions are implemented, administered, and used,
  • describe the benefits of the new functions in small user cases, and
  • describe how existing functions are extended or changed.

For a complete list of release notes, refer to the Release Notes document.


There are a number of terms, titles, and topics used in the day-to-day use and management of the Cisco ServiceGrid. They are defined in the ServiceGrid Glossary topic.

For a complete list of Cisco ServiceGrid Articles, go to the List of Articles page.

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