SUPERVISE CALL REQ type barge in without AgentCallID

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SUPERVISE_CALL_REQ: Barge in type without AgentCallID

Problem Summary SUPERVISE_CALL_REQ Barge in type, without AgentCallID fails.
Error Message Following error is seen in C:\Program Files\wfavvid\log\MIVR\

GMT+200 %MIVR-ICD_CTI-7-UNK:OutboundMessageprocessor :
sending msg : { length=-1
text=AgentConnectionCallID is Null to socket:

Possible Cause AgentCallID cannot be null or it cannot be the special value - 0xffffffff.
Recommended Action

AgentConnectionCallID is the call ID value assigned to the call by Unified CCX. Normally it is the Integer CallID on the agent’s device.

Release Release 7.0(1).
Associated CDETS # CSCtf81398 : UCCX CTI Protocol Guide on SUPERVISE_CALL_REQ error.

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