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Problem Summary Call is rejected with SETUP_FAIL.
Error Message Call.rejected(SETUP_FAIL)
Possible Cause There may have been a JTAPI exception while accepting the call
Recommended Action

    If there is any JTAPI exception, take a look at:
    Escalate to JTAPI team with relevant logs

    An Example
    2057946: Jan 19 01:33:54.653 EST %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:Route Connection=[1421088::1/(P1-crs3user_1) GCID=(7,8818518)->ACTIVE]->OFFERED, reason=6, Event= (P1-crs3user_1) 8818518/7 CallCtlConnOfferedEv 1421088::1 [#265837] Cause:100 CallCtlCause:210
    2057950: Jan 19 01:33:54.653 EST %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:Call.received() JTAPICallContact[id=3752,implId=8818518/7,
    2057953: Jan 19 01:33:54.654 EST %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:Route Connection: [1421088::1/(P1-crs3user_1) GCID=(7,8818518)->ACTIVE]->OFFERED, CTI Port selected: TP[id=144,implId=1411008,state=IN_USE]
    2058030: Jan 19 01:33:59.307 EST %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:Call.associated() JTAPICallContact[id=3752,implId=8818518/7,state=STATE_RECEIVED_IDX,inbound=true,App name=Ohio_TR3,task=null,session=51000003753,seq
    2058108: Jan 19 01:33:59.320 EST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-CALL_CONTROL_INVAL_STATE:Invalid state for Call Control operation: All Call ids=CallID:3752 MediaId:8818518/7,Failure type for the CallControl error=ACCEPT,Connection State=49,Failure reason=null,Exception=null
    2058180: Jan 19 01:33:59.327 EST %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:Call.rejected(SETUP_FAIL) JTAPICallContact

Release Release 7.0(1) onwards
Associated CDETS # NA

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