Reserved agent for outbound moves to not ready state when the agent accepts an outbound call

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Problem Summary Agent is in reserved state to accept an outbound call. The outbound call is presented on the agent's desktop, Agent AutoAsnwer is not enabled and the agent manually answers the call. The agent state is changed to not ready.
Error Message N/A
Possible Cause
  1. Agent is getting a different call directly on the ICD extension, while reserved for outbound.
  2. The outbound call placed by the gateway is transferred to the agent's phone, but Unified CCX engine was unable to identify the call as an outbound call.
  3. Voice translation rules that are used in the dial peer configuration translates or modifies the number being dialed out.
Recommended Action Check and remove any voice translation rules that modify the number being dialed out. Refer Unified CCX Administration Guide for information on supported mechanims to add or remove digits from the phone numbers.
Release Release 10.5(1)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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