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Problem Summary Unable to set filters when running a report
Error Message Chosen Filters couldn’t be applied to the report. Please try again
Possible Cause Filter Criteria selected is invalid
Recommended Action Client Side:
  1. Open the web console of your browser and
  2. Go to the console tab, check if there are any API errors with HTTP error code 4xx

Server Side:

  1. Log in to RTMT and download the Unified Intelligence Center server logs
  2. Open the Unified Intelligence Center log

For example, CCBU-cuic.2016-07-25T02-21-04.624.startup.log.
Search for the following pattern in the logs:

Bad request. Input Validation failed. [Invalid DATE format in date param, Invalid DATE format in date param] <-

Reach out to Cisco TAC for further assistance

Release Release 11.5(1)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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