Reports: Java Message Service (JMS) data source failover

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Reports: Java Message Service (JMS) data source failover

Problem Summary If JMS data source is not configured with failover option, Unified Intelligence Center will not publish the JMS updates to the client in the event of a momentary loss of connectivity with the JMS data source. The browser will not get any updates once the JMS data source connectivity is restored.
Error Message None
Possible Cause There are several causes:

1. JMS publisher might be down.

2. JMS data source not reachable.

Recommended Action 1. Test data source connection to ensure that the database is accessible.

2. Check Unified Intelligence Center logs for the following message: "JMS connection terminated".

3. Edit data source and add failover broker URL.

To configure failover broker URLs, use the syntax failover:(tcp://primary hostname:port, tcp://secondary hostname:port)

Example: tcp:// failover:(tcp://, tcp://

4. Check logs and look for the following listener message: "Listener started for <topic name>".

Release Release 10.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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