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Create an alias for DB instance name, so different Reporting Servers will have different alias name

Problem Summary Creating DB alias
Error Message None
Possible Cause The database instance is hardcoded to "cvp"
Recommended Action

1. Create an entry in the %ONCONFIG% file (onconfig.cvp) for DBSERVERALIASES. Something like CVP_1, CVP_2, CVP_2, etc.
Rules to follow while creating the Aliases:
a. DBSERVERALIASES must begin with a lowercase letter and can contain other lowercase letters, digits, and underscores.
b. DBSERVERALIASES must not include uppercase characters, a field delimiter (space or tab), or a new line character.
c. Other characters from the basic ASCII code set are not necessarily reliable.
d. For example, a hyphen or minus sign can create problems and a colon might not work reliably.
e. The @ character is reserved to separate the database from the server (as in dbase@server).
2. Go to C://Informix/db - > edit sqlhost file -> add <instance name> <PROTOCOL> <hostname> <aliased instance name> Ex: cvp_1 olsoctcp CVPRTPT cvp_1
3. Edit the %WIN_PATH%/system32/etc/drivers/services and add an entry for that alias (copy the tcp entry for IDS)
4. Create a registry entry under Informix/sqlhosts to match that alias name. Make sure the service name should be same as that of the alias name.

5. Go to Services and Restart the Informix IDS service . After successful service restart verify the DB instances are reflecting as created.

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