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This site we can hold the questions to the developer for our next meeting.




How is the process for the usability in the prime ? How is testing this? How is the quantity devices in testing?

Example: Creating Flexconnect Group You can configure a FlexConnect Group over Configure -> Template Launch Pad -> FlexConnect -> FlexConnect AP Groups It's not relevant if you create or modify a existing group. Same problem in adding access points. You become a list from all available access points in your domain. Our users see 5281 access points and normal you see 25 elements per page. Second fact is when you sort for example to access points names and click on next page then the sort is lost.There is no search button. Our support refuse changes to us back because the can not handle it.

Workaroud: For the admins we raise the elements per page to 300. So we have 10 page and search over the browser function.

Solution: A search field would help.

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