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Next Generation Performance Routing (PfRv3)

Intelligent Path Control using Cisco Performance Routing (PfRv3) improves application delivery and WAN efficiency. PfR enables intelligence of Cisco IOS routers to improve application performance and availability. PfR allows customers to protect critical applications from fluctuating WAN performance while intelligently load balancing traffic over all WAN paths. PfR monitors network performance and selects the best path for each application based upon advanced criteria such as reachability, delay, jitter and loss. PfR can evenly distribute traffic to maintain equivalent link utilization levels using an advanced load balancing technique - even over links with differing bandwidth capacities. PfRv3 is the Intelligent Path Control of the IWAN Initiative. Intelligent Path Control is key to providing a business-class WAN over Internet transports.

PfRv3 Navigation

PfRv3 Features and Documentation

PfRv3 minimum releases:

  • IOS 15.4(3)M for ISR-G2
  • IOS-XE 3.13 for ASR-1000, ISR-4000 and CSR1000v

PfRv3 Documentation:

IOS 15.5(1)T and IOS-XE 3.14

0-SLA Feature

IOS 15.5(2)T and IOS-XE 3.15

Transit Site support (Multiple Next Hops and Multiple Hubs)

IOS 15.5(3)M and IOS-XE 3.16

Path of Last Resort

EIGRP IWAN Simplification

Path Preference next-fallback:

  • PfR supports 3 paths per path-preference logic. So you can configure path-preference MPLS1 MPLS2 MPLS3 fallback INET1 INET2 INET3 next-fallback INET4 INET5 INET6. Initial code supported 5 for path-preference and 4 for fallback, but with the addition of next-fallback we support 3 under each. Documentation

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