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Traffic did not pick the link as expected
Is the correct policy applied to the traffic class?

Check with

show oer master prefix <prefix/prefix len> policy 
Is there an Out of Policy event?
show logging | inc <prefix> 
to look for OOP event.
Yes > Go to <resolver>
Is there a periodic timer configured?
show run | b oer master
No > Configure periodic timer:
oer master
 periodic <x>
<resolver> Are the appropriate resolver priorities configured?
show oer master policy 

and look for resolver priority for the traffic-class

No > Configure the appropriate resolver as higher priority.
Is the expected link “better”?
show oer master traffic

to look at the quality of the expected link.

Look for the reason why PfR selected the exit in syslog or
show oer master tr detail | b <prefix>

For passive monitoring, verify the netflow cache on BR.
(Note: Delay and loss are calculated only for TCP traffic)

Aug  4 19:06:02.629 PDT: %OER_MC-5-NOTICE: Route changed Appl Prefix N    
6 [80, 80] [1, 65535], BR, i/f Et4/1, Reason Delay, OOP Reason Delay

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