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Applicable to UC System Release 10.0(1)



This topic provides the configuration information about the Cisco Outbound Option with SIP dialer in Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Unified CCE) deployments.

The intended audience should have the ability to perform system-level configuration of Cisco Collaboration Systems components and deployments, and be familiar with Cisco Collaboration products.

Configuration information is based primarily on system tests performed on Unified CCE during Cisco Collaboration Systems release testing.

This topic does not contain detailed step-by-step procedures. For detailed information about how to install, configure, and this feature, see Related Documentation.


For information about design considerations and guidelines to deploy Unified CCE, see Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Solution Reference Network Design,



Outbound Option Guide for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Hosted Release http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cust_contact/contact_center/outbound_option/outboundoption9_0/installation/guide/UCCE_BK_O4A87BBC_00_outbound-option-guide-for-cisco.html


This section provides information about the Cisco Outbound Option deployment used for Cisco Collaboration Systems testing. In the test bed, various components were tested, including Unified CCE, and Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (Unified CVP).

Cisco Outbound Option Deployment

Outbound Option SIP Dialer 01.jpg

In the test deployment there are two pairs of SIP dialers running in duplex mode that co-resides with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) peripheral gateway as well as media routing (MR) peripheral gateway.

The SIP dialer communicates with:

  • Voice gateways (SIP gateway) that place outbound calls
  • Outbound Option campaign managers that retrieve outbound customer contact records and reports outbound call disposition, including live answer, answering machine, Ring No Answer, and busy
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI) servers that monitor skill group activity and perform third-party call control for agent phones
  • Media Routing Peripheral Interface Manager (MR PIM) that submits route requests to select an available agent

In the test deployment, each pair of SIP dialers communicates with a unique voice gateway, which provides high-availability for SIP dialer deployment. Call progress analysis (CPA) is also configured on a campaign basis. When enabled, the SIP dialer instructs the voice gateway to analyze the media stream and determine if the call is answered by a live voice, an answering machine, a modem, or detects a Fax. Outbound option agents are configured in both Data Center A and Data Center B. Agents take the outbound calls by logging into a CTI OS outbound desktop phone.

SIP Dialer Call Flow for Agent-based Campaign

Outbound Option SIP Dialer 02.jpg

1. Customer records are imported and then delivered to the SIP dialer.

2. When the SIP dialer identifies an available agent to use in an outbound campaign, it sends a route request to the MR PIM.

3. The MR PIM forwards the route request to the router.

4. The Unified Intelligent Contact Management/Unified Mobile Agent for Unified CCE/Unified CCH call router reserves the available agent and returns a routing label (phone extension) in the route response.

5. The MR PIM notifies the SIP dialer that the agent is available and the SIP dialer sends an agent reservation request to the agent peripheral gateway. The agent peripheral gateway generates a virtual agent reservation call to the desktop, and automatically places the virtual reservation call in an answered state and holds the call.

6. The SIP dialer signals the gateway to place outbound calls to the customers by sending a SIP INVITE.

7. The gateway makes outbound calls to the customers, and the SIP dialer is notified that the gateway is calling.

8. CPA is done at the gateway. If a live voice is detected, the SIP dialer is notified.

9. The SIP dialer asks the voice gateway to transfer the answered outbound call to the reserved agent using the agent phone extension.

10. The gateway directs the answered outbound calls to agents through Unified CM, using agent extensions and Unified CM host addresses. The SIP dialer auto-answers the transferred call for the agent through the CTI server so that the voice path between the customer and the agent can be quickly established.

SIP Dialer Call Flow for Interactive Voice Response-based Campaign

There is an additional Unified CVP used for interactive voice response (IVR) queuing in this call flow.

1. Customer records are delivered to the SIP dialer.

2. The SIP Dialer asks the voice gateway to make a call.

3. The voice gateway makes the call.

4. The voice gateway performs CPA. When it detects live speech, the SIP dialer is notified.

5. The SIP dialer asks the MR PG for the IVR.

6. MR PG forwards the request to the router.

7. A routing script identifies the IVR and notifies the MR PG.

8. The MR PG forwards the route response to the SIP dialer.

9. The SIP dialer notifies the voice gateway to transfer the call to the IVR.

10. The voice gateway sends its invitation to Unified CVP. The transfer is completed and media is set up between Unified CVP and the voice gateway.


The following tables provide this information:

  • Configuration Tasks: List of high-level configuration tasks
  • System Test Specifics: System test variations from procedures and settings documented in the product documentation.
  • More Information: Links to product documentation for detailed configuration information related to the high-level tasks.

NOTE: Default and recommended values specified in the product documentation were used during system testing, unless otherwise noted in the System Test Specifics column.

Table 1: Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Configuration

Configuration Tasks System Test Specifics More Information
1. Configure the Outbound Option components   http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cust_contact/contact_center/outbound_option/outboundoption9_0/installation/guide/UCCE_BK_O4A87BBC_00_outbound-option-guide-for-cisco.html

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