Outbound Option - Import Problems: Import is not reading customer data file

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Import is not reading customer data file

Problem Summary Import is not reading customer data file
Error Message N/A
Possible Cause
  • Data file name does not match preconfigured name
  • Import schedule is incorrect
  • Cisco Security Agent (CSA) is preventing access to the file across the network
Recommended Action Compare the file name and path name on the disk with the preconfigured file name in the import configuration. (Note that an import file name might not show up correctly in the Windows File Explorer if the Hide extension in known file types option is enabled in Windows File Explorer. Try listing the file directory by using the Windows Command prompt.)

Verify the import schedule. The import either has a scheduled import based on date and time or a dynamic import, which will begin as soon as a file is copied to the specified path.

If the import is configured to read a file from a remote network computer protected by CSA, the file must be located in the following path: c:\customer\import. Also, make sure that the import process user has network and directory read/write access to the “customer” directory as well as the “import” directory.

Release Release 7.5(1) and 8.0
Associated CDETS # None.

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