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This page documents features of the Cisco OpenStack Neutron Technical Preview plugin. The Technical Preview plugin is open source software that contains features not yet incorporated into the upstream Cisco OpenStack mechanism plugin.

Note: This software is provided "as is," and in no event does Cisco warrant that the software is error free or that customer will be able to operate the software without problems or interruptions.

A version of the Neutron project containing the Technical Preview plugin is available at:

The upstream plugin is supplied with the core OpenStack distribution at

Documentation for the upstream plugin is available at

The following sections describe the features of the Technical Preview plugin that are not in the upstream plugin. If you do not plan to use any of these features, you can download and use the upstream plugin, which might offer advantages in compatibility.


Note: This driver supports only the VXLAN and VLAN network types, and only supports the Cisco Nexus 9000 switch.

Instructions for configuring the Multi Layer 2 (ML2) VXLAN functionality are here: OpenStack/sandbox/ML2NexusMechanismDriver.

Cisco UCS Manager ML2

Instructions for configuring Cisco USC Manager ML2 are here: OpenStack/sandbox/CiscoUCSMMechanismDriver.

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