Nuance Behavior: How to disable the excessive Cisco VVB logs

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How to disable the excessive Cisco VVB logs

Problem Summary Excessive Cisco VVB log generation
Error Message Param_0=WARN - can't connect to SIP server
Param_0=com.dynamicsoft.DsLibs.DsUtil.DsException: ConnectionWrapper.check: can't establish connection
Possible Cause These logs gets generated when there is a connection issue with the ASR-TTS server or a misconfigured ASR-TTS server
Recommended Action

To disable these logs:
1. Resolve the connection issue. If there is a configuration of non existent ASR-TTS then that has to be removed from configuration
2. If the connection issue is intermittent and need to remove the logs, then the protocol used for pinging the Nuance server from Cisco VVB needs to be changed to UDP from existing TCP.


The Nuance version 10.2 doesn’t work with UDP protocol for OPTION PING , hence the nuance servers needs to be 10.5 and higher if the protocol is changed to UDP.
3. To change the protocol to UDP, user has to login to system with “root" privileges and change the value to UDP from TCP TCP

File name : /opt/cisco/uccx/properties/
4, Restart the engine

Release 11.6
Associated CDETS # CSCvc88917

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