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No Agents available

Problem Summary Cisco remote expert is installed & Configured. Customer complains that they cannot make a call from Expert Assist. When they click on the assist icon it launches the pop-up but does not complete the call, instead they get the following error.

"There are currently no agents available. Please try again"

Error Message There are currently no agents available. Please try again.
Possible Cause In this scenario the error message itself indicates the problem, that there are no agents available to connect to. This can be confirmed by checking the server.log and the calls.log for the application server. The server.log will tell you if the App Server could not process it, the calls.log will tell you if an upstream SIP device rejected it.
  • Below is example of message suggesting that App server has processed the request and sending the SIP out:

2015-03-09 14:30:57,140 DEBUG [com.alicecallsbob.porth.gateway.approuter.GatewayAppRouter] (Old I/O client worker ([id: 0x57573f42, / =>])) messageId=INVITEz9hg4bk9f430236-5509-4972-888f-36c0998ba754_5_ada14cd5_4685642324027340_0* | getNextApplication() - request=INVITE SIP/2.0
Call-ID: 1a5fba9789726f567af06a16b98b4631@

  • Below is example of message suggesting that App server has received error response from outbound server:

2015-03-09 14:30:57,180 DEBUG [com.alicecallsbob.sdk.acb.dialog_state_manager.DialogStateAspect] (SelfRoutingThread-25) messageId=RESPz9hg4bk9f430236-5509-4972-888f-36c0998ba754_5_ada14cd5_4685642324027340_0* | Error response received: SIP/2.0 404 Not Found

This confirms there are no agents available. There could be a number of 4xx or 5xx errors responses back from the outbound server. In this example we checked the server.log but we can also check the calls.log to see if the outbound server is returning an error.

Recommended Action
  • Ensure an agent is logged in.
  • Resolve the error messages from the far end server.
Release Remotre Expert Mobile
Associated CDETS # None

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