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The following are graphs which illustrate Network IOPS under various conditions for Unified Communications applications. This area is under construction. Check back frequently for updates.

Unified Communications Manager

The two graphs below show the Network IOPS data for a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system under load. Note that Sending CDR/CMR to the billing server does not incur any IOPS spikes, but enabling CAR continuous loading results in around 300 IOPS average on the system.

As a reference, the following IOPS were observed for the loads (expressed in Busy Hour Call Attempts) indicated

  • 10K BHCA produces ~ 35 IOPS
  • 25K BHCA produces ~ 50 IOPS
  • 50K BHCA produces ~ 100 IOPS
  • 100K BHCA produces ~ 150 IOPS

Iops cucm1.jpg

Iops cucm2.jpg

Cisco Unity Connection

The graph below shows the Network IOPS for a Cisco Unity Connection system under load.

Iops con.gif

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