Multi-session Chat and Email: Issues rendering the multi-session gadget

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Multi-session Chat: Issues rendering the multi-session gadget

Problem Summary There are issues rendering the multi-session gadgets on the agent desktop.
Error Message
  • There were issues rendering this gadget. Unable to retrieve spec for
    https://<SocialMiner server>/multisession/ui/gadgets/multisession-reply-gadget.jsp?gadgetHeight=500
  • There were issues rendering this gadget. peer not authenticated
    https://<SocialMiner server>/multisession/ui/gadgets/multisession-reply-gadget.jsp?gadgetHeight=430
Possible Cause Either the tomcat.pem import for the self-signed certificate did not take effect or Unified CCX/Finesse cannot resolve the hostname of the SocialMiner server.
Recommended Action
  1. Restart the Unified CCX/Finesse VM.
  2. Check that the correct hostname for the SocialMiner server is configured in the Finesse Desktop Layout.
  3. Check that the DNS settings are correct.
Release Release 10.5(1), 10.6(1)
Associated CDETS # None


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