Mobile Agent Conference Bridge: Agent Greeting Fails to Play Due to Resources Not Available

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<Agent Greeting Fails to Play Due to Resources Not Available>

Problem Summary Agent Greeting Fails to play when using a conference bridge.
Error Message Appears in the Windows Event Viewer > Application Log on the UCCE Peripheral Gateway:
Failed to play Agent Greeting <type> for the call <call ID>) to Agent <agent ID> with the extension <extension> due to the call failure with cause: Resources Not Available.

MessageId=35 Category=EnterpriseAgentPIM

Possible Cause A generic error that can result from multiple causes including:
  • A conference call with no bridge resources available.
  • MTP resources are not available
Recommended Action Check your UCCE, CVP, and UNIFIED CM logs for more information about the source of the error.
Release 8.5(2)
Associated CDETS # None

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