Mobile Agent Conference Bridge: Agent Greeting Fails to Play Due to Network Not Obtainable

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<Agent Greeting Fails to Play Due to Network Not Obtainable>

Problem Summary Agent Greeting Fails to play when using a conference bridge.
Error Message Appears in the Windows Event Viewer > Application Log on the UCCE Peripheral Gateway:
Failed to play Agent Greeting <type> for the call <call ID> to Agent <agent ID> with the extension <extension> due to the call failure with cause: Network Not Obtainable 

MessageId=34 FCategory=EnterpriseAgentPIM

Possible Cause Pertains to cross-cluster calls. The far cluster could not be reached due to networking or similar issues.
Recommended Action Check your UCCE, CVP, and UNIFIED CM logs for more information on the source of the error.
Release 8.5(2)
Associated CDETS # None

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