Migration: Value list does not get Migrated

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Migration: Value list does not get Migrated

Problem Summary After performing the migration, a particular value list does not appear in CUIC Release 8.x.
Error Message None
Possible Cause The value lists are not referred by any of the imported reports.
Recommended Action None.

If a report field in CUIS Release 7.x refers to a value list, then the migration tool extracts the value list also as part of the report migration. For easy identification, the migration tool changes the value list description as "Migrated Value list". If the name of the value list contains special characters, the migration tool removes these before migrating the list into the CUIC Release 8.x machine. For example a value list by name Enterprise SkillGroup (special) will be renamed as Enterprise SkillGroup special. Note that if a value list is not referred by any of the reports then that value list is not be migrated.

Release Release 8.0(x)
Associated CDETS # None

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