Log Levels for issues related to Routing and Queuing

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Additional Log Levels required for escalating issues related to Routing and Queuing

Problem Summary Additional Log Levels required for escalating issues related to Routing and Queuing
Revert back to default log levels once relevant logs were collected for the issue otherwise this may impact the system's performance.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause Multiple Causes
Recommended Action When Conference is done using Select Join or Join Across Line feature then the Agent states for the agents who are present on that conference call will be computed. Unified CCX ignores agent state transformation when the call is on an agent's Non IPCC extension except a corner case where an agent do JAL, and as a result of that the call ends up on the agent’s non IPCC extension.

Following are some of the scenarios where Unified CCX sets agent's state before and after conference :

S.No Issues Type Logs to collect
1 RmCm Subsystem Stuck in some state SS_RMCM - XDebug1
2 Call stuck in Q SS_CM - XDebug1
SS_RM - XDebug1
SS_TEL - Debug
ICD_RTDM - XDebug1
Screenshots of CSQ Stats and Contacts reports from RTR
3Agent Stuck SS_CM - Debug
SS_RM - XDebug1
SS_TEL - Debug
ICD_CTI - XDebug1
CAD Agent logs in Debug level
4Issues with transfer/conference SS_CM - Debug1
SS_RM – Xdebug1-4
ICD_CTI - XDebug1
SS_TEL Debug
Jtapi Client Logs in all levels
5Scripting Issues SS_CM - XDebug1
SS_RM - XDebug1
SS_TEL - Debug
ENG - XDebug1
Related scripts
6Call failures/abandoned SS_TEL - XDebug1
SS_CM - Debug
SS_RM - Debug
Jtapi client logs in all levels
7Agent/CSQ/Team configuration SS_RM - XDebug1
LIB_CFG - XDebug1
ICD_RTDM - XDebug1
Screenshots of Appadmin configuration
8Real time Data problems SS_CM - XDebug1
SS_RM - XDebug1
ICD_RTDM - XDebug1
RTR reports screenshots
9Outbound problems SS_OB - XDebug1
SS_RM - XDebug1

If the issue is with Dialing list records
CFG_MGR - XDebug1
If its with DB spikes

LIB_JDBC - XDebug1

If wrong data being sent to CAD
ICD_CTI - XDebug1 (or XDebug4 on DE request)

10 Historical Data Problems SS_CM - XDebug1
SS_RM - XDebug1
CRA_HRDM - XDebug1
Relevant reports and corresponding DB dumps.
11 RTR Client Issues (Applet issues) Enable RTR_CLIENT tracing to Xdebug1-4
Collect - C:\Documents and Settings\<login-account>\application\data\Sun\Java\Deployment\log\<crs/uccx>rtr.log Only from 5.0(2) onwards.

Previous versions do not have these tracing levels. Tracing is on by default and you can collect logs by copy/pasting from Java console from system tray after launching RTR. (You also need to enable console logging through Java properties in control panel which are also enabled by default)

Release Release 7.0(x) Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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