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An "Unsupported Platform" error displays.

What Caused it?

Typically, this happens if you purchased a non-Cisco hardware server with different (incompatible) hardware specifications. If the Cisco Unified Presence software fails to locate the hardware platform on its "supported list", your installation will fail.

What Can You Do?

The first thing to do is to check these Cisco Unified Presence documents for supported compatibility information:

Release Notes for Cisco Unified Presence -

Compatibility Matrix for Cisco Unified Presence -

Who Can you Call?

If you believe that your hardware server should be supported but you still encounter the "Unsupported Model" error message, collect the Installation logs and then give Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) a call for further assisance.

How to access the installation logs? Collect the installation logs using the console command line (root shell prompt)or by using a "Recovery CD"..


1. Press ALT and F2 (together) during the Cisco Unified Presence installation to access the console command line.

2. If you still cannot get access to the console command line, download the Recovery CD from

  • Boot into Linux from the the Recovery CD
  • Press ALT and F2 (together) to access the root shell prompt

The Installation Logs are stored in the /tmp directory, including the following files:

  • hw_validation_err
  • installation.log
  • anaconda.log

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