Known Issue: Trusted Peer Validation Error

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The Trusted Peer Validation error states this:

Failed to get trusted-peer validation information from CUCM primary node.

What Caused it?

Possible causes (as stated in the error message) are:

  1. The server is not the correct CUCM primary.
  2. login credentials are incorrect.
  3. The server is not reachable in the network.

What Can You Do?

Many customers mistakenly believe that they entered the correct password.

Regarding no. 2 in the list of possible causes (login credential are incorrect), know that the reference is to the "security password" of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. There is no tool available to verify the "security password" of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. The only way to determine this information is to check the syslog for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager publisher node.

How? One of these ways:

1. Access the Syslog on the Real Time Monitoring Tool

2. Enter this CLI command: file get activelog syslog/CiscoSyslog

When the CiscoSyslog displays, search for this keyword: integrity. If this type of message (below displays), it confirms that the issue relates to the "security password".

CiscoSyslog: Aug27 11:30:45 bldr-ccm99-a local7 3 : 64: Aug 27 17:15:54. 756 UTC : %CCM_CLUSTERMANAGER-CLUSTERMANAGER-3- CLM_MsgIntChkError: ClusterMgr message integrity check error.

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