Known Issue: Certificate - "Receive As" Permission Issue

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Cisco Unified Presence uses an Exchange service account to view other peoples' calendars. This service account must have "Receive As" permission on peoples' mailboxes.

What Caused it?

Cisco Unified Presence cannot query calendar information if the service account does not have sufficient permission.

What Can You Do?

1. Test the end user account in Presence Gateway (Outlook) in Cisco Unified Presence Administration

  • Go to Cisco Unified Presence Administration, and select Cisco Unified Presence > Presence > Presence Gateway (Outlook).
  • Change the Account Name field to "user1"
  • Change the Account Password and Confirm Password fields to "test1"
  • Restart the Cisco_UP Presence Engine

Test the calendaring feature for user1. If calendaring works, the permission issue is specific to the service account.

2. Test the Service Account and Verify Access to End User's Mailbox - Note you can only use this test on Exchange 2003.

a Open a web browser. b Enter https://owa-server/exchange/<user_id>/calendar


owa-server is the IP address/DNS name of the Exchange OWA server and
user_id is the end user ID for whom you want to test the calendaring feature.

c When prompted to enter the username and password, enter the service account name and password.

If the authentication with the service account succeeds, it means that the service account can open the end users' mailbox.

Note: This test does not apply to Exchange 2007.

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