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Security Posture Assessment (SPA)


Comprehensive security analysis of large-scale, distributed networks conducted by Cisco Systems engineers.

SPA is a service provided by Cisco Advanced Services team and can be ordered either through a SoW or through subscription to Security Optimization Service (SKU # CON-AS-SEC ).

Under this service Cisco shall provide a point in time assessment of how effectively the Customer's security controls have been implemented and are being operated against the Control Framework based on the Customer’s operational requirements, recommended security practices and the Cisco Security Control Framework (SCF). The SCF, based on fundamental security architecture principles derived from industry best practices, international and industry standards, and government regulations, defines Cisco recommended technical security controls for Cisco and non-Cisco equipment.

By emulating typical malicious activities using nondestructive means, Cisco will identify the presence of vulnerabilities in the Customer’s IP, wireless, application, and physical infrastructure. Cisco will assess, prioritize and make recommendations regarding the identified vulnerabilities and the risks they present to the Customer’s infrastructure and business. A final report documenting the assessment results will be delivered to the Customer.

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