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Traffic policing is a Quality of Service tool implementation that can monitor the rate of a specified traffic, acting as packet dropping to avoid one traffic type to consume the available bandwidth to other types. For example:

  • voice payload is marked as EF
  • a serial interface is configured with priority queuing, guaranteeing 500 kbps to EF packets
  • 600 kbps of voice traffic enters the router at one point
  • The excess is dropped to avoid this type of traffic from consuming more bandwidth than the one reserved

This happens because priority queuing method -used to accomplish low delay, jitter, and loss- would stop other types of packets from getting any bandwidth (the queuing method always gives preference to EF traffic), since the next packet to be sent would always be the EF marked one, other traffic would be left without space. --Jose Mendez (Cisco TAC) 00:50, 1 June 2010 (UTC)

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