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This article tells you how to write a Wiki article about a known issue on Cisco Unified Presence – to share with other Cisco Unified Presence users!

1. Consider the issue that you’ve encountered, how common it is in your working environment and whether or not it can be resolved. Know what it involves, what caused it, and what users can do to troubleshoot it!

2. Sign in to the Documentation Wiki. If it is your first time to sign in to the Wiki, you will need to register with

3. Open the Troubleshooting: Known Issues page, and select the Cisco Unified Presence component that interests you.

4. When the Known Issues page displays for your selected component, simply click on the next available (empty) Known Issue template (called Known Issue Template X) and follow the guidelines that we give you at the top of the template!

5. If you need to, learn to format your Wiki text as you write:

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