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Product Problem Summary Error Code or Summary Recommended Action
RSM Unable to monitor the agents from supervisors.

Call is disconnected after getting the following message.

"The agent is being monitored".

Add the agent phones into rsm user that is created in Cisco Unified Communication Manager(CUCM).
RSM Phonesim is not  getting registered. Displays as rejected after CUCM is added. Restart the phonesim service in RSM server and ensure that the mac address of the phonesim is correct.
RSM Error while performing Supervisor authentication link in the RSM server. "INVALID_SUPERVISOR_ID" Ensure that the supervisor exist in the Domain and both the users(Domain and supervisor created in CCE) are the same.
Ensure the username and passwords are numeric.
RSM Unable to proceed after entering supervisor credentials while calling from remote CUCM. "Please check the number you dialed, callback after some time" Ensure that the routing script is created for the supervisor dialed number, and correct name is entered in the Set Variable node(where Application is the name of the script file deployed in the CVP media server).
RSM Unable to proceed after entering supervisor credentials while calling from remote CUCM. "You are entering invalid supervisors" Remove the simphones details from the device target explorer of ICM configuration manager.
Unable to execute the RSM agent real time authentication and supervisor login in RSM server. "INVALID_SUPERVISOR_ID 500 error" Associate the simphones created in the CUCM in pguser and restart the vlengine service in RSM and CTI services in peripheral gateway.
Unified CCDM Unable to proceed with Unified CCDM database installation. Unable to open the Physical file E:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA Change D-Drive to E-Drive and reboot the system and reinitiate the portal database installation.
Unified CCDM Unable to integrate the CCE instance in Unified CCDM ICE Tool. Provisioning components option is not enabled while integrating the CCE instance Ensure that the Unified CCDM server is added before adding the CCE servers in the ICE Tool.
Domain Controller Unable to create one way trust from Unified CCDM Domain controller to the second sub customer Trust creation failed due to the error: file already exists so could not create the trust. Check for the SID in both the sub customer domain, if it is same then recreate one of the sub customer domain with different SID and then create one way trust.
Domain Controller Rejecting the destination DNS name while creating the trust. Unable to reach the destination DNS while creating the DNS Ensure that the nslookup of destination domain controller is returning the host name. If it is not returning, then in the local area connection of destination domain controller, ensure that the domain controller IP is assigned as the "Preffered DNS Server".
Golden Template Tool Unable to run the Golden Template Tool. System.OutofMemoryException.DeployVM.PS1 Close all the sessions of PowerCLI and reopen the PowerCLI prompt and re-execute the command to initiate the Golden Template Process.
ASA Static NAT IP of the sub customer VM was not accessible from the sub customer VMs. The static NAT ip 10.10.10.X of 20.20.20.X(sub customer network) was not pingable from 20.20.20.x(sub customer network) but same static NAT Ip was accessible from shared 10.10.10.x network. Ensure that in ASA under Configurations >Sub customer Context >Device Setup > Interfaces, "Enable traffic between two or more interfaces which reconfigured with same security level"  check-box is checked and "Enable traffic between two or more hosts connected to the same interface" check-box is checked.
Unified CCDM & UCCE In Unified CCDM PQ is not reaching the ready state, it displays pending active. Unable to add PQ in CCE.

Unable to add PQ in CCE, following error is displayed.

"Database exception please try after some time or contact your system administrator"

This error is due to peripheral that is not deleted completely from the database, delete the peripheral from miscellaneous tool of configuration manager.
Avaya PG

Avaya to CUCM Transfer call flow using Translation Route.

Router is not receiving the call variables from Avaya if Avaya agent dials CVP DN.

Router is not receiving call variables from Avaya PG. Avaya agent should dial Avaya VDN Number to transfer the call with call variables .
Avaya PG

Avaya to CUCM Transfer call flow using Translation Route.

Getting improper TCD value for NBT execution from Avaya to CUCM.

After call is disconnected, TCD value is displayed as 28. There was a defect raised to fix this issue, the defect is closed with the following enclosure:
"This seems to involve major design change in the PIM to handle the issue caused due to the way the events are received from ACD. Currently, no plan to fix this in PIM."
CUCDM If the network connection between CUCDM and HCM-F is poor or there is no connection. NA 1.Verify the hostname is correct.
2. Verify the network domain is set correctly through the CUCDM CLI.
3. After a couple of minutes, verify the initial sync between CUCDM and HCM-F is successful:
a) Select Provider Management > Advanced > SDR Service Provider.
b) The sync is successful if the default entry, "Service Provider Name" appears.
CUCDM Unable to login as a customer with the changed domain name There is no error found after modifying domain for customer, but we cannot login with customer login id with modified domain. Still the previous domain will be considered for login. Domain name should be modified under User Management > Local Admins to reflect in the login.
CUCDM Upgrade fails while executing app template media/<upgrade_template_file> command "Upgrade failed due to unsupported upgrade path, please log in as sysadmin and see Transaction logs for more detail.Failed to execute command." Using app start command, start all the services in all nodes.
CUCDM After deleting Contact center server in Services >CC >Servers.Error is displayed to delete contact center server in CUCDM. "Advanced Find Options invalid - More than one resource found with options {'hierarchy': u'5509463f97fe9f156a6778a8', 'query': u'device/cucm/AppUser with ((data.userid is "pguser2") and (__device_pkid is 55095fd197fe9f156a677b7b))', 'filter_model_type': u'device/cucm/AppUser', u'hierarchy_all': True}" We can delete the contact center servers if DataSync is executed and call manager process is imported.

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