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Product Problem Summary Error Code or Summary Recommended Action
Golden Template Tool Unable to clone VMs using GT tool "Template not found"
Check the template is in the same datacenter, where VM needs to be deployed.
Golden Template Tool Unable to clone VMs using GT tool "fault.NicSettingMismatch.summary"
Check the number of NICs in the template and expected number of NICs in GT data sheet.Both should match.
Golden Template Tool Unable to start DeployVM script execution ObjectNotFound:

(C:\\scripts\Utils.PS1:String) [ ],
CommandNotFoundException+ FullyQualifiedErrorId :
The term 'C:\\scripts\Report.PS1' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function.

The execution folder location should be C:\GoldenTemplate Instead of C:\.
Golden Template Tool Unable to deploy VM using Golden template tool. “Resource validation Failed”

“Unable to find the template which is available in the datastore”

Golden Template name shouldn’t be renamed once created.

Verify that the vmdk file in datastore has the same name as the template name.

CCDM Unable to provision the agents from dual sided CCDM sever side B “The selected Agent could not be updated. The Provisioning Service's connection to a required component [cusX, CT_CISCO_CICM_CONAPI] is currently inactive. Please try again later.”
Issue could be with DB Replication

Remove the entry from table which is not in sync with both Side A and Side B servers. Then restart all CCDM services.

CCDM Unable to specify the customer name while adding a dial number using CCDM. Dial number gets added to ICM but the cutomer field of Dial number is set to “None”.
In CCDM for mapping the configurations directly to customer where you have multiple Customer definitions. One has to do Remote tenant mapping while performing equipment mapping in ICE tool.
Golden Template Tool Post VM deployment(windows) from GT Tool and after customization if we reboot the VM manually, then the Administrator password gets corrupted. Administrator password gets corrupted and could not login to the system with default password Post VM Deployment(windows) and customization it is mandatory to change the default Administrator password, else the password will get corrupted and VM would go to not usable state.
Golden Template Tool While deploying VOSS components(like CUCM, CUIC, Finesse), GT tool fails to generate Platform config files GT Tool fails to create Platform Configuration Files for VOSS products 1. It is mandatory to have "WinImage 32-bit" installed under "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinImage"
2. It is mandatory to use Licensed version of WinImage, if not we need click ok manually when the tools prompts for confirmation on creating Platform configuration files
Day 1 Config File Download the HCS Day1 Config File and extract it in CCE VM, Launch the ICMDBA Tool and import the Day 1 Config. Observe, the ICMDBA Tool crashes with no error logs.
Example path to import the Day 1 Config:
Failure example: "C:\Users\administrator.UCCELAB\Desktop\HCS-CC_9.2.1-500_and_1000-Agent-Day1-Configuration\HCS-921-500and1000-Agent-Day1-Configuration"
ICMDBA crashes while importing HCS "Day 1 Config File" If the length of the path to import the "Day 1 Config" file is bigger then the ICMDBA is expected to crash.
Reducing the length of the filename or reduce the length of the path will resolve the issue.
Working example: "C:\Users\administrator.UCCELAB\Desktop\HCS-500\hcs-500-1\"
ICM Whisper Announcement Call flow fails "Whisper Announcement was sent but SendToVru was not performed first." Add send to vru node in Whisper Announcement Routing Script after Whisper Announcement Set variable node.
CUCM/CUSP Whisper Announcement , Agent Greeting Call-flow fails [Q.850;cause=86] Q850 Reason [86 - Call with the specified call identity is cleared] Create a dedicated trunk between CUCM and CVP
CVP System CLI is unable to retrieve data even if CVP is present. Attempt to retrieve data fails from system CLI. Follow the steps specified in the link below:

Perimeta SBC One way audio. Customer phone will not be able to receive media signals. Ensure the below configuration is in place under media:
vmsc global
Mediasense with Perimeta SBC If Mediasense is unable to record. For Perimeta SBC Mediasense call flow. Add below commands to configure Mediasense adjacency:
hold-setting hold-sendonly
RSM Unable to monitor agents from supervisors. Call is disconnected after getting "The agent is being monitored". Add the agent phones into RSM user created in CUCM
Queuing Call Flow Customer is not able to hear Ring back tone if Gateway location is configured in CVP. "B2BUA is not configured with a route for making calls. Please add route." In CVP configure DN pattern with site id.
Avaya- Avaya to CUCM Transfer call flow using Translation Route. Router is not getting call variables from Avaya if Avaya agent dials CVP DN. Router is not getting call variables from Avaya. Avaya agent should dial Avaya CTI RP Number to send call variables to router

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