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Product Problem Summary Error Code or Summary Recommended Action
UCDM Unable to add Connection and Route list in UCDM "Route List name [EMERGENCY1] must be unique across all other Trunk and Route list names" Provide the same name “EMERGENCY1” to avoid the error, in Call Routing Prerequisites,  the table provides the exact name that UCDM will require.
UCDM Unable to Create Device pool template “Required parameter missing . Parameter name: region“ Before adding the Device pool template, create a region first and then create device pool template.
UCDM Unable to initialize the PBX in UCDM “CUCM 10.0.x: The service[Phone Services] is required but not defined in the call Manager” Ensure the “Phone Services” is configured CUCM and it is imported under Networks > PBX Devices > Import IP Phone Services.
CUIC Error while importing Call back current and call back Historical report "Import could not be completed:1 Report failed to import.Please check the logs - schema validation failed - " The call back Reports must use the call back DB as data source.Therefore, user should create Data store for call back data base.
CVP Unable to add CVP call server through CVP OAMP "Unified CVP Call Server with the given IP Address and/or hostname already
exists, please choose a different IP Address and/or hostname"
  1. 'Ops 'Console > System > Export Configuration to save for backup if needed

2. Stop Cisco CVP OPSConsoleServer
3. Go to C:\Cisco\CVP\bin\TAC\CompareData and edit to include the IP ADDRESS in
4. question and also then edit the ACTION=delete
5. Next run the 'runcmp.bat' file in the same directory
C:\Cisco\CVP\bin\TAC\CompareData -> and
6. watch prompts

Finesse The administrator will access the Finesse Administration console
through Internet Explorer and logs in. Content will not appears in the administration gadgets.
  • Check that the browser settings for Internet Explorer is correct. For more information, see the section "Browser Settings for Internet Explorer", for Unified CCE deployments, see the Cisco Finesse Installation and Upgrade Guide.
  • Make sure that the administrator accepts any required certificates. For more information, see the section "Trust Self-Signed Certificate", for Unified CCE deployments, see the Cisco Finesse Administration Guide.
Finesse When using Internet Explorer to access the Finesse desktop, the sign-in page does not appear correctly. For example, the language selector appears when no language packs are installed. In Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployments, the Mobile Agent fields do not appear. NA
CCDM Error while upgrading the portal DB after upgrading CCDM DB NA Removing Database Replication
If you have a dual-sided installation then you must remove database replication before removing the database components.
Perform the following instructions before removing database replication:
  • Ensure that you are logged in as a domain level user with administrative rights on both database servers.
  • Ensure that the database is in a consistent state
  • Stop all Unified CCDM Services on all servers.

To disable replication:
1. Click Start > All Programs > Domain Manager> Configuration Tools > Integrated Configuration Environment.

2. In theTools drop-down, select Replication Manager. The Replication Manager tool will be displayed.
3. Select theSetup tab.
4. Click Disable.

CCDM Unable to add SQL login "Create failed for login (Domain\webserver hostname)" User should login as Local administrator and not as Domain administrator
EIM\WIM Unable to install EIM\WIM webserver "There is a fatal error in installing services so installer is exiting the Installation process" Disable the Firewall in Webserver machine.
EIM\WIM Listener is not starting "Listener Instance cannot be started.There was failure in creating Agent PG connection" In AW machine
1.Open PG Explorer
2.Select CUCM-PG
3.Set the Primary and Secondary CTI server ip address along with port number.
Gateway VXML Gateway Fails to Invoke VRU TCL Script "Call Entry Is Not Found" No dial-peer configured for the VRU.
The inbound matching pattern does not match the DNIS for the VRU call. Check for the number SIP message with the "incoming called-number" in the VRU dial-peer.
Gateway VXML Gatewayunable to Send HTTP Request to CVP "vxml_stop_fetchaudio_load_fail" Make sure header passing is configured or "param cvphost" is configured to send the HTTP message.
Gateway Gateway Cannot Connect to ASR/TTS Server NA
  • Check that the Gateway has the correct IP addresses for the ASR and TTS servers, as well as the ASR and TTS backup servers.
  • Run a series of ping tests to each of the IP addresses of the ASR and TTS servers and backup server.
  • Verify that there is network connectivity to each of the servers.
  • Check that the ASR and TTS services are running.
  • Check that the IVR Service configuration is correct.
Gateway Any failure of the bootstrap VXML Server fetches to Call Server causes the SIP IVR Service leg of call to be terminated by the recovery handoff TCL scripts on VXML Server Gateway with a Q850 code of 38. "Q.850;Cause=38" Ensure the following network interface configurations:
  • ip route-cache same-interface
  • ip route-cache cef
  • ip route-cache
  • ip mroute-cache
  • no cdp enable

If specified, remove the following line from the network interface:
keepalive 1800

Gateway Survivability script does not work NA The pots dial peer must match the incoming called number and should be associated with the survivability service. For example:
  • dial-peer voice 1000 pots
  • service cvp-survivability
  • incoming called-number 8T
  • direct-inward-dial
UCCE Jtapi service is Down NA 1.Open CUCM web portal
2.Navigate to Cisco Unified Serviceability and click GO.
3.On Cisco Unified Serviceability webportal select Service Activation under Tools drop-down list.
4.Select the CUCM server and click GO.
5.Activate Cisco Call Manager,Cisco CTI Manager and Cisco Tftp services.
UCCE Unable to make a Call with dialled number having wildcard character NA Modify the registry in UCCE router
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\<instnce_name>\RouterA\Router\CurrentVersion\Configuration\Global"
change the value to 1 for "DNWildCardEnabled"
UCCE Unable to launch the configuration Manager from UCCE "Unable to initialize the real time feed for instance ccdm1. Unable to proceed until the real-time can be established. The feed may be inactive or you may not have permission to connect to the feed" Start or Cycle the router.
CUCM Unable to install CUCM and Finesse due to DNS resolution issue NA For small contact center agent deployment, customer should haveseparate AD local to sub customer.
CUCM While logging in agents through 99XX and 89XX phone, login is failing "Join Accross Line is enabled" Modify Call Manager PG peripheral settings to “All lines” from “Single Line” Agent mode and restart the PG services
Unable to Integrate UCCE with CCDM "The HTTP service located at is unavailable.This could because the service is too busy or no endpoint was found listening at the specified address.Please ensure that the address is correct and try accessing the service again later." Restart IIS and Apache Tomcat services.
If CCDM is listing only the default Application Instance but not the Actual Application instance created for CCDM NA Ensure the deployment type is set in UCCE
CCDM In CCDM if replication manager is not able to replicate and an error is encountered. Application Error : “ The exception unknown software exception (0xe0434352) occurred in the application at location 0xfd45950d.”

Step 1: Select SQL Server Management studio in primary dataserver
Step 2: Click Replication Folder
Step 3: Right-Click Launch Replication Monitor and Click My publishers
Step 5: Select a portal DB and click Agents tab to check the status of online replication.
Step 6: Enable the File Growth access as unrestricted.
CCDM Creation of two-way trust between the service provider and the customer domain controllers for each
customer instance for Unified CCDM is not successful.
Two-way external trust is not successful. Add statically mapped IP address details of enterprise domain IP in host file of management domain.

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