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Configuration examples should have consistent content. The following guidelines can help you create a configuration example.


Creating your Configuration Example Page

Type the name of your configuration example into the search box. Use the following syntax:

<product name> <feature/description> Configuration Example

For example, "Cisco Unity Express Networking with Direct IP Addressing Configuration Example"

If the example does not exist, you will be prompted to create a page. Copy the source code at Template:Configuration Example to your new page to develop your content.

Note Note: This template contains details that might not be applicable to your example. Please edit at your discretion.


The topology that you upload should be a JPEG or GIF file. Many tools provide icons for topologies. Cisco also provides icons at the Marketing Library.

Configuration Output

Caution Caution: Make sure that you scrub the IP addresses, domain names, and any other sensitive information. Examples of clean content are shown at DocWiki:No Proprietary Information.

Examples should use preformatted text. Put your example in the following format:

<pre>Your configuration example text</pre>


Categories for Configuration Examples differ slightly from a regular article. For the most part, the paths for the categories are the same as for Cisco Products (see DocWiki:Categories). An additional layer of categories is placed right above the article so that Configuration Examples can be grouped together. See the following flow:


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