Guidelines to Edit the Compatibility Matrix for Unified CCX

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Editing Options

  • Simple edits (minor, quick, need to address CDETS). These changes require approval from or must be edited by the following key people:

Unified CCX Compatibility Matrix Approvers and Editors
Product Manager
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express CCX or UCCX
Customer Voice Portal
Product Options
Hosted Collaboration Solution
Cisco and Customer Interaction Cloud CIC
CTI Toolkit, CRM Connectors, CAD --
Finesse Finesse
Outbound Option OO
Cisco Unified Intelligence Center CUIC
Web Interaction Manage/E-Mail Interaction Manager WIM/EIM
Expert Advisor EA
Remote Silent Monitoring RSM
Customer Contact Management Portal CCMP
Common Product Options
Unified Communications Software Subscription UCSS
MCS Servers, Unified Computing System MCS, UCS
Media Services/ Recording
MediaSense (formerly Multimedia Capture Platform/ORA) MediaSense

  • Program-related changes (major, align with multiple products). These changes require approval from the entire program/solution team. Ideally, you will be contacted by one of the people listed above to continue work on this program. If you are a technical writer, contact Doris Sproul for further information.


  • Work with one of the people listed above to add/change the required information and approve the content.
  • Always make changes to the internal ( server.
  • Only Cisco employees can change the internal pages (not partners or customers)
  • If a page is not approved by one of the people listed above, it will not be exported to the external server.

Watching DocWiki Pages

DocWiki is made up of a production server and development server

  • Only employees can view/edit DocWiki pages in the development server (behind firewall).
  • Everyone can view DocWiki pages in the production server, but only registered Cisco customers, partners and employees can edit/watch content (to reduce inappropriate or wrong content).

Viewing a page is different from "watching" a page. When you "watch" a page, you receive an automated email each time the watched page is changed.

The Watch tab is only visible to those who are logged into the DocWiki server. If you do not log in, you cannot see the tab.

Who Can "Watch" Pages?

The external DocWiki server provides login access for registered Cisco customers, partners, and employees. Those who can log in can watch pages and provide input/feedback. You must register with to obtain login credentials.

We encourage and welcome customer and partner input.

Watching One Page

To watch pages on DocWiki, follow this procedure:

  1. Go to the DocWiki Production Server.
  2. Login in with your account name and password (must be an approved CDC user).
  3. Find the page that you want to watch and click the Watch tab. You are now "watching" this page. See for more information.
  4. Check your preferences ( or ); to make sure your email is listed. Also be sure to check the "E-mail me when a page on my watchlist is changed" option.

Watching Multiple Pages

To add multiple pages to the watch list at the same time follow this process:

Part 1: Getting a List of the Pages You Want to Add

  1. Log in to the DocWiki.
  2. Click Special Pages.
  3. Click Prefix index (Find all pages starting with...)
  4. If all of your pages are for the same project, in the first box, enter the name of your project. (All DocWiki pages related to a project have similar names. For example, for Cisco Unity Express pages, enter "Cisco Unity Express".)
  5. Click Go. The system displays a list of all the pages that start with whatever you entered.
  6. Copy the names of all the pages you want to add to your watch list. As a check, quickly estimate how many page names you are copying.

You can also collect the list of page names somewhere, such as Notepad or Word, and then copy the list.

Part 2: Editing Your Raw Watch List

  1. At the top of the page, click My Watchlist.
  2. Click Edit raw watchlist.
  3. In the Titles: box, paste the page names.
    Note Note: Do not overwrite what you already have in the box.
  4. For the new pages you just added, make sure that each page name is on a separate line. Otherwise, the pages will not be added.
  5. Click Update Watchlist.
  6. At the top of the page, the system lists how many pages you added to your watchlist. Make sure that you added as many pages as you copied, based on your estimate from Step 6.

Watching the Same Pages on the Internal and External Servers?

If you have been "Watching" several pages in, you may find it tedious to go into each page and click "Watch" all over again in the external server. In this case, use the following procedure to watch the same pages in both servers:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in.
  3. Copy the list of pages from the above page.
  4. Go to
  5. Log in.
  6. Paste the list of pages to this page.
  7. Click Update Watchlist. You will now be watching the same pages in both servers.
Note Note: At this point, you may see some links in red. These are pages which are available on the internal server and which have not been exported. You do not need to delete these links yet. When you export those pages, they will be watched automatically.

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