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Google Alerts
Google Alerts "Type"

Google Alerts is the subscription based search interface for Google. [1]

You can search "Everything" (everything that Google indexes) or you can target by the type of site:

  • News
  • Blogs
  • Video
  • Realtime
  • Discussions

For SocialMiner, you will want to select the "Deliver to Feed" option.


  • Google Alerts is "beta" and while it seems to work great for blogs and forums the "Realtime" produces a subset of the results for Twitter Search.
  • Typically you will want to create a feed for each type of site as you likely want treat these various types of sites differently. For example, you most likely have different tags, campaigns, service level goals and business objectives for blogs vs realtime. However if you have a very low volume query and you are curious about all results on the Internet then choosing Everything is a simple approach.
  • Google offers blog search without a google account. You can add Google blog search feeds using the Feed Bookmarklet. Bookmarklets are "smart bookmarks" that include JavaScript. Creating a feed using the Feed Bookmarklet is a one-click method for adding feeds to SocialMiner and eliminates the need to complete fields on the Add Feed form and to copy/paste the URL. Look in the User Guide for information on using the Feed Bookmarklet. If you choose not to use the Feed Bookmarklet, go to [Google Blog Search|] where you can run a blog search and then subscribe to the RSS from the search results page.

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