Genesys T-Server: Call placed to route point is routed by UCCE instead of Genesys

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Call placed to route point is routed by UCCE instead of Genesys.

Problem Summary A call placed to a route point that should be controlled by Genesys is routed, or appears to be routed by UCCE instead.
Error Message N/A.
Possible Cause
  • T-Server not connected.
  • T-Server missing configuration for the route point.
  • T-Server returning a route-end.
Recommended Action

Check if the T-Server is connected to UCCE?

(Check this in the Genesys Solution Control Interface for the respective T-Server)
If not correct and re-check

Is “Permit Application Routing” checked on in the Dialed Number Table for this RP?

If not, check it, restart the T-Server if necessary and re-check.

Check to see if the route point is registered by the T-Server.

procmon to the CTI-Server in question, type ‘lrd’ (List Routing Devices).
Look for the DN in question, make sure it’s registered and by the T-Server.
Refer to 2502 in the following example. Note it’s registered by both
session 7 and 6 and they both are ENABLED and ACCEPTED. You can list
the clients to see who is registered.
(Note the output is abbreviated and empty columns truncated for clarity)

C:\WINDOWS>c:\icm\bin\procmon nat02 cg1a ctisvr natal-4 >>>>lrd
PeripheralID ------ DN ------

            ---- State ---- SessionIDs  InvokeID  Cause

5000 2502

            ENABLED         7           4         0 - ROUTE_REGISTER_ACCEPTED

1 total routing devices

Session   Time  Ver Flags  ClientID {…} Signature        Host
6 00:02:25 14 PUX johno johno@JOHNO-WXP0
7 00:02:20 14 PUX johno johno@JOHNO-WXP0 (
If a T-Server is not registered proceed to Genesys Troubleshooting

Look in CTI-Server and see if there is a ROUTE_REQUEST_EVENT for the call to this RP.

If ‘No’ proceed with troubleshooting UCCE.

Check if there is a ROUTE_SELECT_EVENT event from at least one T-Server with a valid label?

If No proceed to (Genesys Troubleshooting – Routing dialog response issues)
If no was there a ROUTE_END_EVENT from all the T-Servers (All clients a ROUTE_REQUEST_EVENT was sent to
If Yes then troubleshoot Genesys scripting as to why a valid label isn't getting returned.

Check if there is a ROUTE_END_EVENT from CTI-Server with a TIMEOUT (1) status?

If so the routing dialog was simply too long and UCCE timed it out
Proceed to (Genesys Troubleshooting – Check timeout on the Genesys Routing Strategy node.


A routing dialog took place, at least one T-Server responded with a valid label, UCCE still appears to be routing the call.

• Proceed with troubleshooting UCCE. Check call flows for that label, CM, etc. or possibly label returned is for a UCCE controlled route point.

Release Release 8.0(2)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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