General Troubleshooting: Server IP Address Has Been Changed

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Server IP Address Has Been Changed

Problem Summary The IP address of a Unified CVP server has been changed and is now listed as Not Reachable.
Error Message Not Reachable
Possible Cause The IP address of a Unified CVP server has been changed locally instead of being changed from the Operations Console.
Recommended Action

If you have already changed the IP address of the server, you may be able to delete it from the Operations Console, but the properties files on the server will not be deleted. This is due to the Operations Console not being able to access the server using original IP address. Adding the server with the new IP address to the Operations Console will add new property entries, but will not clean up the original property entries. The original property files will need to be cleaned up using a manual process. Contact your Cisco Partner or Cisco Technical Support for assistance when removing property files.

Below is the correct procedure for changing server IP address.
1. From the command prompt, run CVP_HOME\in\tac\reimage.bat on the device.
2. Starting with Unified CVP 10.0(1), a batch file is made available at C:\Cisco\CVP\bin\UpdateRMIServerIP\updatermiserverip.bat as a part of the ES1. Double-click on the batch file to update the IP address in windows registry and wrapper.conf file.

Note: For Unified CVP 9.0(1) and earlier releases ignore this step.
3. Delete the old license from the device, if a license re-hosting is required.
4. Restart all the CVP services from this device. The device is at the post installation state ready to receive the configuration changes from OAMP.
5. From the Operations Console, select Save and Deploy of the new device.
6. Re-host the new license if required.

Release Release 10.0(1) onwards.
Associated CDETS # CSCum13178

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