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Possible impact of MTU size on MediaSense video playback

Problem Summary MediaSense video playback quality gets impacted with an increase in MTU size.
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Possible Cause Video packets are inherently of larger size compared to audio packets. So, network

configuration and conditions impact video streaming in a different way (compared to audio streaming). One of the possible issues which can impact video streaming and playback from MediaSense is IP level fragmentation of video packets during transition from MediaSense to destination. Fragmentation of IP packets carrying video RTP can cause video playback degradation. The fragmentation can occur at either MediaSense or further down the IP path. Another aspect of network conditions that can impact video quality is packet loss during video streaming over a WiFi network.

Recommended Action MediaSense RTP stream for video works best with an MTU of 1300 bytes at MediaSense.

Similar values at intermediate nodes can reduce fragmentation of video packets during playback. Over a WiFi network, if there is a packet loss during video streaming, then check the routing devices.

Release Release 11.0(1)
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