Gateway Troubleshooting: Ringing Stops on IP Phone Calling TDM

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Ringing Stops on IP Phone Calling TDM

Problem Summary Ringback tone is clipped when an outbound call is placed from TNP IP phones to a TDM endpoint. For IP originated calls whose destination is a TDM endpoint, and the call goes through Unified CVP, this shows up when the call originates from TNP phones (7971, 7970, 7961, 7941).

User experience will be something like that given in the call flow example below:

  • Dial 1234 from a TNP phone (7941, 7961, 7970, 7971)
  • Call goes out a SIP trunk to Unified Cisco Voice Portal
  • Unified CVP sends call to a Voice Gateway (for example, AS5400) to receive IVR treatment
  • Caller hears a prompt, and so forth
  • Call then gets transferred to a destination on the TDM side (for example, outbound call to endpoint with extension 5678)
  • On the IP phone side, user hears the first ring but then nothing while the destination end point continues to ring
Error Message None.
Possible Cause The appropriate settings were not made on the Gateway that is placing the outbound call.
Recommended Action Apply the following setting on the POTS dial-peer on the Gateway that is placing the outbound call to the TDM destination:

GW(config-dial-peer)#progress_ind alert strip

Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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