Gadgets: Why do i get an "Authentication Failed" error in Packaged CCE gadgets?

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Why do i get an "Authentication Failed" error in Packaged CCE gadgets?

Problem Summary An "Authentication Failed" error displays in Packaged CCE gadgets.
Error Message N/A
Possible Cause The following are the possible causes:
  • If the proxy user (AgentProxy) does not exist in Unified Intelligence Center.
  • If the "AuthorizationUrl" does not have a valid entry or no entry is present in the reportdefinitiontopicinfo table (Not applicable for release 10.0(1)).
  • If the Unified Intelligence Center team collections are not updated.
  • If the Unified CCE User Sync Operation is not performed or if the Unified CCE User Sync operation fails.
Recommended Action

Check the following:

To verify whether collections are associated with value list or not:

1. Log in to the Unified Intelligence Center page and check whether the proxy user "CUIC\agentproxy" is present in the User List (Log in to Unified Intelligence Center > Security > User List).

2. Get the reportdefinitionid of the report, and run the following SQL command from CLI: run sql select authorizationurl from cuic_data:ReportDefinitionTopicsInfo where reportdefinitionid =

- If the above query returns an empty/null authorizationurl, contact the template owner.
- If the above query returns an auth url, make sure that the url is valid by executing it on browser. If the execution still fails, either contact the template owner or the TAC with logs.

3. Perform a manual user sync and check if the error disappers. Else, contact the TAC with server logs and client logs.

Release Release 10.5(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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