Gadgets: Live Data updates suddenly stops displaying in the client (Gadget or Live Data report viewer)

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Gadgets: Live Data updates suddenly stops displaying in the client (Gadget or Live Data report viewer)

Problem Summary You are expecting Live Data updates reqularly, but the client stops displaying data suddenly.
Error Message Notification Service disconnected. Reconnecting... Refresh the page if the report does not update.
Possible Cause See recommended actions.
Recommended Action
  • Log in to RTMT tool to check whether the Unified Intelligence Center services are down.
  • If the services are up, then perform the following:
    • Login to OAMP webapp and navigate to Log and Trace settings.
    • Select the Unified Intelligence center server and navigate to the option CUIC_LIVE_DATA.
    • Set the log level to DETAILED.
    • Under Subsystem Specific Trace Definitions, select the following options: TRACE_MESSAGES_INPUT and TRACE_MESSAGES_OUTPUT.
    • Save the settings.
  • Launch the gadget or Live Data report or refresh the required report.
  • Log in to RTMT and download the Unified Intelligence Center server logs.
  • Open the Unified Intelligence Center log. For example, CCBU-cuic.2013-12-02T16-05-45.299.startup.log.
  • Search for the following pattern in the logs:
    • 0000007989: Dec 02 2013 16:12:22.413 +0530: %CCBU__CUIC_REALTIME-7-TRACE_INFRASTRUCTURE: {Thrd=Topic-Agent-thread-4} XMPPCuicHelperFactory.validateObject
    • 0000007990: Dec 02 2013 16:12:22.414 +0530: %CCBU__CUIC_REALTIME-7-TRACE_PUBLISHING_ERROR: {Thrd=Topic-Agent-thread-4} Failed to send message Not connected to server.
    • 0000007991: Dec 02 2013 16:12:22.414 +0530: %CCBU__CUIC_REALTIME-7-EXCEPTION_INFO: %[build_date=Jan 01, 1970 7:43 AM][build_type=rel] [exception=java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not connected to server.
  • If you see this pattern, use the following CLI command to restart the Intelligence Center Reporting Service: utils service restart Intelligence Center Reporting Service.
  • Log in to Unified Intelligence center when the services are up, and run the Live Data report or launch the Live Data gadget.
  • If you cannot find the new Live Data updates in the gadget/Live Data Report viewer, contact the administrator.
Release Release 10.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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