GTC India TAC-CIBU Meetings

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GTC India TAC-CIBU Meetings

First Meeting : <DATE>

  1) Introduction of TAC and CIBU team
  2) Presentation about TAC
  3) iSRV Presentation : How iSRV data can be useful to pull different reports on Product and Service Requests

Second Meeting : <DATE>

  1) Presentation about CIBU work process. We discussed AGILE Process.
  2) Smart Call Home discussion
  3) Get a look and feel of PC Deployment Tool(UCMap)

Third Meeting : <DATE>

Participants:Prasad, Takshak, Raja, Mrinal, Amit, Raees, Karthik, Sandeep
  1) Karthik Collected the information related to Challenges while troubleshooting CUCM, some of the highlighted components:
    b)Ease of Collecting traces, Especially new Plugins available with RTMT
    c)Common Log format and SPLUNK
    d) Changing IP address in Big Clusters

Fourth Meeting:

Bullet Points What we need <Action Item on TAC> TAC issues we listed in last meeting <On Engineering team, iSRV data was analyzed and issues are being listed> Have a Doc Wiki to Share the List and we have the prioritize the list List the Deployment Models for next Gen CUCM System Log On the fly Data Engine CDR/CMR records, filtering it out and Representing it in Pie Chart Graphing Tool to use that XML output of LBM -- > Rohit Patil

Leverage the Tools, Engineering team has Visit the TAC and monitor the case.

Create a Website for All the TAC/Engineering Tools RSVP Tomcat --- Scalability Models

Phasewise Plan done by Engineering --- > on Engineering

SCH, how it is being used right now --- > Get Amol and Arun on the Meeting Share the CER Link

Install upgrade, whats being done around that

Paul Giralts Visit

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