G729 Prompt Generation procedure for CVP

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G729 Prompt Generation procedure for CVP

Problem Summary This is the real problem area as the CUCM generated G729 file has a non-standard compression codec tag in the file header and these files will not play when passed to a VXML Gateway, since it does not recognize the codec type, by changing the compression codec type value to be the standard G729R8 then the gateway is happy playing the file.

NOTE: Application UCMHEADERFIXER.EXE, which simply changes the compression codec type number in the file header, of the CUCM converted file, from CUCM generated 0x0133 to the standard 0x14db (G729R8).

Error Message None
Possible Cause None
Recommended Action Convert G711 announcements to G729

This is a two-step procedure:

1. Get files converted to G729, using UCM MOH translator, then moving them on to a Windows machine 2. Run the attached utility UCMHEADERFIXER.EXE to correct the G729 compression identifier in the WAV header, which is wrongly set by UCM.

Following is the procedure where customer can convert their own audio files

Convert audio announcements:

1. Start the UCM administrator browser.

2. From the Media menu, select the MOH Audio File Management option, and then click Upload File.

3. Browse to location of the audio files to be converted and select them individually, uploading each in turn.

4. To check if the files have been converted, navigate back through Media Resources > MOH Audio File Management, should see an entry for each WAV file converted – check the recording length is non-zero!! NOTE: the SFTP “file get” doesn’t like file names with spaces in so replace spaces with underscores.

  a. To copy the converted files to a Windows server you need to have an SFTP server available.
  b. Putty on to the UCM server that you uploaded files to and login as Administrator

5. At the prompt, type “File get activelog mohprep/*g729.wav” and go through SFTP prompts,

  a. Server = xxx.xxx.xxx.xx
  b. Port = 22
  c. User = sftpuser
  d. Pwd = password
  e. Target directory = /home/sftpuser

6. From the Windows server navigate to the SFTPUSER directory. Navigate further down to the directory where converted files are located.

7. Delete any extra G729 files and check if the files are present

  (Note: This cannot test them as the Windows Media player does not understand G729)

Correct G729 compression identifier, below process we use:

1. Copy the UCMHEADERFIXER.zip file to the Windows server (Note: .net V2.0 has to be installed for it to work), preferably in the same directory as announcements and extract UCMHEADERFIXER.EXE.

2. Navigate to this directory within the command window.

3. Run UCMHEADERFIXER *.* This will correct the G729 ID, so that CVP VXML Gateway understand it and rename announcement file from ‘name.g729.wav to ‘name’.wav.

4. Upload the required media files to the IOS GWs through OAMP

5. Custom prompt should be stored in the IIS server of CVP.

Note: Refer to defect attachment for the executable.

Release 11.0(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCuq32947

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