Finesse Gadget can’t connect

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Finesse Gadget can't connect

Problem Summary Cisco remote expert is installed & Configured. Agent complains that when they click on start share they get a 401 authentication error
Error Message 401 Authentication Error 
Possible Cause There are 3 well known causes for authentication errors
  • Incorrect Finesse servers have been specified.
  • Mismatch of Finesse Server names between web admin and server certificates.
  • "trust all certs" is not checked (normally only needed for self signed certs)
Recommended Action

Check the finesse config in WPF (https://<REAS-server>:8443/web_plugin_framework/webcontroller/finesse-admin/)

Reas finesse trust cert.png

  • Verify correct Finesse Server URL are specified
  • Verify name of Finess Servers matches with name used in Server certificates
  • Verify "trust all certs" is checked (normally only needed for self signed certs)
Release Remote Expert Mobile
Associated CDETS # None

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