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Finesse Gadget won't load - Peer Not Authenticated

Problem Summary Cisco Remote Expert 10.6.1 is installed & Configured. Finesse 10.5.x on UCCE or UCCX. Finesse Agent/Supervisor receives either a blue "Checking Connection..." message, black-on-tan message about checking the REAS certificate, or a 'Peer Not Authenticated' finesse error instead of the Expert Assist / Expert Assist Admin gadgets.
Error Message Finesse displays "", "Checking Connection..." that doesn't change, or "Checking REAS Certificate" that doesn't change
Possible Cause *Finesse does not trust the REAS server's HTTPS identity certificate / certificate chain
  • SSLv2Hello is disabled on REAS server while Finesse 10.5.x has not been patched for SSL Poodle vulnerability (no patch available as of 2015.09.08)
Recommended Action

Add REAS server's HTTPS identity certificate to Finesse's tomcat-trust certificate store.
Follow the instructions on REM 10.6.1 Install and Config Guide on page 50 to enable SSLv2 on the REAS server. Note that this lowers the security of the REAS server due to the SSL Poodle vulnerability.

Release Remote Expert Mobile (FCS)

Finesse 10.5.x

Associated CDETS # None

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