Failure to launch Remote Assist call

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Failure to launch Remote Assist call

Problem Summary Cisco remote expert is installed & Configured. Customer complains that they cannot make a call from Expert Assist. When they click on the assist icon it fails to launch
Error Message GET https://server-address:8443/assistserver/sdk/web/consumer/assist.js net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
Possible Cause

The connection refused message indicates that the web page was unable to load the java script resource. You can confirm this by trying to access following from browser:


If you cannot browse to this resource it indicates that the REAS service is not running or there is something blocking access to it (proxy or network issues).

Recommended Action
  • Confirm the App Server is running using following commands:

[root@cs-cisco-rem cisco]# service reas status

[root@cs-cisco-rem cisco]# ps -fC java

(above command should return 5 processes  If it returns none, the process needs to be started.)

  • Start the App Server component:

[root@cs-cisco-rem cisco]# service reas start

  • Confirm it’s running:

[root@cs-cisco-rem cisco]# ps –fC java
root 30678 30629 0 16:14 pts/1 00:00:01 /opt/java/bin/java -D[Process Controller]
root 30694 30678 9 16:14 pts/1 00:00:19 /opt/java/bin/java -D[Host Controller]
root 30759 30678 37 16:14 pts/1 00:01:18 /opt/java/bin/java -D[Server:appserver-cs-cisco-rem]
root 30764 30678 9 16:14 pts/1 00:00:20 /opt/java/bin/java -D[Server:loadbalancer-cs-cisco-rem]
root 30821 30678 8 16:14 pts/1 00:00:17 /opt/java/bin/java -D[Server:management]

Release Rremote Expert Mobile
Associated CDETS # None

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