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To show all scans in the repository, use the show history command.

show history

Syntax Description

This command has no arguments or keywords.

Command Default

No default behavior or values.


The following is sample output from the show history command, and it shows the type, date, and Master Xubnet manager of all scans in the repository. Scan 5 is the current scan.
  fact> show history
  index current type           date                      subnet-manager
  ----- ------- -------------- ------------------------- --------------
      1         fabric         2008-04-17 10:44:02 PDT   host01
      2         tech-support   2008-04-17 10:44:47 PDT   host01
      3         fabric         2008-04-17 10:49:01 PDT   host01
      4         fabric         2008-04-17 10:49:08 PDT   host01
      5    Y    tech-support   2008-04-17 10:49:39 PDT   host01

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