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To show the chassis in the current scan, use the show chassis command.

show chassis [chassis] [summary | guids | detail]

Syntax Description

chassis (Optional) Selects which chassis to show (one ore more).
summary (Optional) Shows a one-line summary of each chassis.
guids (Optional) Shows a one-line summary and the GUID of each chassis.
detail (Optional) Shows detailed information about each chassis.

Command Default

The default view is the summary view, which shows all chassis on the subnet.

Usage Guidelines

If there is no current scan or if the current scan is incomplete, using the show chassis command automatically performs a fabric scan.


The following is sample output from the show chassis command, and it shows all chassis in the current scan:
     fact> show chassis
  chassis-name            model
  ----------------------- --------
  host01                  Host
  switchA                 SFS-3001
  switchB                 SFS-7000   

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