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To perform a fabric scan, which scans the static connectivity of the subnet, and to collect routing information, raw port counter information, monitored port counter information, and threshold-exceeded port counter information from the Subnet Manager, use the scan fabric all command.

scan fabric all [subnet-manager |sm managed-node]

Syntax Description

subnet-manager (Optional) Overrides the discovered master Subnet Manager.
sm (Optional) Overrides the discovered master Subnet Manager.
managed-node (Optional) Scans the configured managed-nodes where the master Subnet Manager is running.

Command Default

No default behavior or values.

Usage Guidelines

The scan will fail if the specified managed-node is not a master Subnet Manager.


The following example shows a full fabric scan:
  fact> scan fabric all
  Scanning host01
  Scanning switchA
  Scanning switchB
  Scanning Master Subnet Manager at host01

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