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FACT can install new firmware on an SFS OS switch or on an unmanaged switch. To install a new firmware image into an individual switch or a set of switches, use the install command. (For more information about installing firmware using FACT, see Installing Firmware with FACT.)

install {switches} from {path}

Syntax Description

switches Identifies the switches on which to install the firmware.
from Identifies the source set.
path Identifies the firmware file to install.
For an SFS OS switch, path must be a path with the following format:
ftp://user:password@host/path/file/build .img
For unmanaged switches, path is a file on the host on which FACT is running.

Command Default

No default behavior or values.

Usage Guidelines

FACT cannot install firmware into OEM switches.
Note: Because each firmware image is designed for a specific switch model, if you update a group of switches at one time, all switches must be of the same model.
For unmanaged switches, FACT copies the new firmware image file to the ibspark host and uses ibspark to install it. For information about obtaining ibspark, see Obtaining and Installing ibspark.
The install command runs for three to four minutes and provides minimal feedback while running. To monitor progress, use the --trace command-line argument if you are installing firmware on multiple switches. If you are installing on a single switch, use the --trace and --sequential arguments. For more information about command-line options, see the Command-Line Options Table.
Note: When you install firmware on an SFS OS switch that is configured to be the master Subnet Manager, wait for at least one minute after the installation for the Subnet Manager to take control of the subnet before rescanning the fabric, or the scan fails and no master Subnet Manager is found.


The following example shows installing firmware on an SFS OS switch in switchA:
  fact> install switchB from ftp://jsmith:password@ftphost/pub//Topspin120d-TopspinOS-2.9.0-build163.img
  Checking switchB
  These switches are running SFS-7000D version 2.11.0 build 91:
  Install [Y/n]? yes
  Installing switchB
  Waiting for switchB to reboot
  Switch switchB rebooted
  Rescan fabric to update switch versions.
  fact> scan fabric
  Scanning host01
  Scanning switchA
  Scanning switchB
  Scanning Master Subnet Manager at host01

The following example shows installing firmware on an unmanaged switch.
  fact> install switchC from myfirmware.img
  Checking switchC
  These switches are already running version 1.0.0:
  Install anyway [y/N]? yes
  Installing switchC
  Switches are rebooting.  Rescan fabric after network stabilizes.
  fact> scan fabric
  Scanning localhost
  Scanning Master Subnet Manager on localhost

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